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Hebrew Translation Testimonials for Ruth R., B.A., M.L.S.

  • I am an immigration attorney. From time to time, I work with clients from Israel who have Hebrew-language business or personal documents that require English-language translation. I have used Ruth for Hebrew to English translations on several occasions. On every occasion, Ruth has done a great job. Highly efficient. Fast. Reasonably priced. I am very satisfied with her work and will be happy to use her services again and to recommend her to others. 
             Matthew I. Hirsch, Wayne, PA


  • Ruth translated medical records for me – accurately and in a professional, timely manner. I would definitely recommend her translation services to others. 
             G. Appel, Philadelphia, PA 

  • Ruth translated my MA Degree thesis written at the Department of Theatre Arts, Tel-Aviv University.  She worked with perseverance and diligence, with meticulousness and precision.  The result was an accurate translation from Hebrew to English that reflects  linguistic and cultural  nuances.                                                  Avital Manor-Peleg, M.A., Israel​​

  • As President of the Israeli non-profit organization “Netinah meha-Lev” (Giving from the Heart), I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your accurate and quick translation of several chapters from Hebrew to English.  Your translations are posted on the English website: “Less Stress, More Happiness”.  The goal of these websites is to contribute to the mental and physical health of English or Hebrew readers in the U.S. and in the world.  We wish you many more productive years of Hebrew to English, English to Hebrew translation, from which many people will continue to benefit.
             All the best, 
             Baruch Elitzur, Ph.D. , Clinical Psychologist
             Less Stress, More Happiness 
             Hebrew website: Coping with Stress, Anxiety, Pain, and Ailments


  • I warmly recommend Ruth’s translation services. Ruth translated the documents I sent her with professionalism, thoroughness, and attention to all details, large and small. Furthermore, I needed the translation done quickly, and in spite of the short time allowed, Ruth finished the work quickly and had it ready on time, and for this, I was grateful. 
             Ronen Sitty, Ramat-Gan, Israel  

Hebrew Translation Testimonials, Hebrew Tutoring Testimonials

Hebrew Tutoring Testimonials | Hebrew Teaching Testimonials

  • Ruth is a dedicated and dynamic instructor. She encouraged us to listen, speak, read and write Hebrew in and outside the classroom. She even taught and answered any questions we had about the language by e-mail, even before classes started. She explained the grammar so clearly unlike any instructor I ever had. I would highly recommend her.
           Larry Minisci, French & Italian Instructor, Main Line School Night , Radnor, PA


  • Ruth is an excellent teacher and I enjoyed working with her over the past year and a half. She has an outstanding command of the Hebrew language. I especially appreciate the depth of her knowledge of Hebrew grammar and Hebrew literature. Ruth uses various approaches to teaching Hebrew guided by my interests using materials from textbooks, stories, and videos. She is more than a tutor -- I feel that I have my own personal Hebrew professor! I highly recommend her. 
           Linda G., M.D.  


  • Ruth is an excellent teacher whose experience, passion for language, and dynamic approach to teaching has enabled me to learn Hebrew faster and more thoroughly than I could have possibly imagined. Ruth quickly ascertained how much I knew, what I wanted to learn, and the best delivery method for me to absorb and remember information. Her teaching style is dynamic and flexible, and she is fully invested in the best possible outcome for her students. She not only tells you what the “rule” or word is, but explains the meaning/source and helps you remember when and how to apply it. Ruth expresses genuine joy when her students succeed and it is apparent she is a perfect fit for any type of student at any level.
          Jana Drachman, New York City

  • Ruth has a deep and thorough knowledge of Modern Hebrew. Studying with her on a weekly basis has improved my understanding of Hebrew grammar, strengthened my ability to speak, and enhanced my appreciation of the language. Ruth brings both her skills as a teacher and her sense of humor to our lessons, making them both instructive and enjoyable. I highly recommend her for anyone seeking to improve their Hebrew whether for personal or scholarly reasons.
          Debbie H., Salem, MA

  • Fantastic, dedicated teacher with excellent command of both the Hebrew and English languages.  Ruth is patient and has an easy, understandable approach when explaining grammar and vocabulary.  Each lesson is a fact filled, enjoyable learning experience.  Thank you, Ruth!     
         Miriam Scherer, Chicago, IL

  • Ruth has a deep love for languages and Hebrew in particular.  She knows Hebrew and English inside and out (because she is a native speaker of both tongues!), so she can explain exactly why something I say wrong in Hebrew is because of my English way-of-thinking.  I came to her just wanting to "learn to speak" and I resisted her "time-proven methodical approach."  But her process is in no way slow or repetitive -- she seamlessly makes every question a learning moment, which she communicates in a straight-forward manner.  You couldn't ask for a nicer or more committed tutor.  
         Dan Finkelstein, Oakland, CA    

  • I have been studying Hebrew for some time and have had the pleasure of working with some great teachers. Ruth is the cream of the crop! She has taught at the university level, is a native speaker and has a real passion for making sure I understand the language. She corrects mistakes in a patient and intelligent way and makes new associations wherever possible. I am happy to be studying with her.  
            Michael S., New York, NY


  • I’ve been working with Ruth for about four months now and I have learned so much in that short time. Having a busy school schedule has prevented me from learning Hebrew for many years, but Ruth’s scheduling flexibility and good selection of homework exercises so I can be efficient with my learning time have enabled me to make quick progress. Ruth is patient and offers good explanations for the many rules and complexities of the Hebrew language, and she strikes a good balance between reinforcing reading and spoken comprehension with learning new grammar concepts and vocabulary.
            Ariel Schreiman, Student at UC San Diego


  • I have been working with Ruth to prepare for my doctoral language exam in Modern Hebrew. In just a short time I have gotten a better grasp on some of the fundamentals of the language, and I am well on my way to becoming a proficient reader and translator. Ruth is extremely patient, kind, and dedicated, and she works hard to connect various concepts in the language in order to help the student develop a holistic understanding. She is highly organized and her teaching methods are very effective for anyone seeking to either further their skills or start from scratch.
         Benjamin Steele-Fisher, PhD Student in the Study of Religion, University of California, Davis


  • I have been doing weekly Skype sessions with Ruth for about two years now. I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking to learn Hebrew or to improve their Hebrew skills.  She has a very flexible teaching style and always willing to accommodate my preference for each class, whether it is to practice conversation, review material previously covered, correct an essay I have written or continue with new material.  She also is very comfortable working at my pace, which is sometimes slow given that I have a full time job and am learning Hebrew as a hobby during my spare time. I would also add that she clearly loves teaching Hebrew which makes our weekly sessions even more enjoyable.                                             
         Michael S.,  Scarsdale NY


  • Ruth is an excellent and dedicated teacher. She is timely, spends a lot of time reviewing material and is clearly able to accommodate any learner from young students to people such as me with full time jobs. She is able to adjust to my learning pace. I have learned so much in less than a year!                        
         Marcella, NY


  • I can't help adding, for those who don't know, that you were an amazing Hebrew tutor for my son Gabe. Your blend of rigor and fun in language pedagogy was a pleasure to witness.                                                          Prof. Benjamin Nathans, History Dept., University of Pennsylvania

  • Ruth is a superb teacher. Her knowledge of the Hebrew language and grammar is very thorough. She is a master of the Hebrew Language, and she is a very impressive and talented teacher. She has the ability to work with old and young alike and to get the best results with them.                                                                         Prof. Nechama Sataty, Dept. of Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations, University of Pennsylvania           

  • Some teach Hebrew as language, but you make it into poetry.

                          Allison Schottenstein,  Ph.D. candidate, The University of Texas at Austin 

  • My students commented on the straightforward and engaging style in which you gave your presentation and your clear talents as a guide, a teacher and a mentor. They also appreciated your offer to help them on an individual basis in the future. So again, please allow me to express my gratitude as well as my students’. 
             Prof. Nili Gold, Modern Hebrew Lit., Dept. of Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations,
             University of Pennsylvania  


  • I know that I speak for all the faculty in Jewish Studies in thanking you for your years of service and wonderful work as our Hebraica Cataloging Librarian. We all benefited from your hard work in the library. We wish you well as you move forward to new challenges. 
             Prof. Beth Wenger, History Department and Director of the Jewish Studies Program,
             University of Pennsylvania

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