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Learn Hebrew Online | Hebrew Tutoring
by Ruth R.,
B.A., M.L.S., Bilingual Native Speaker

Hebrew Tutoring Services


  • For adults 18 years or older, or for SAT preparation.

  • Individualized lessons customized to student level, goals, and interests.

  • Goals and purpose for study to be set by student. Acquire skills in conversation,
    reading, grammar, writing, or a combination of any aspects of the language.

  • Excellent references available.



Remote Tutoring: Learn Hebrew Online


  • Hebrew Tutoring available anywhere in the world. Located in Boston, but  also tutor students  in New York, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Chicago, Houston, San Francisco, and Los Angeles,  via Internet.

  • Lessons for each Student are by appointment, live, interactive, individualized, via Internet

  • Student and Tutor can see each other and talk while Tutor shares her screen for Student to view prepared documents, as well as lesson notes as they are being input.

  • Lessons are scheduled at our mutual convenience with flexible hours.

  • I teach via teleconferencing, using Skype, Zoom, or others. This eliminates geography as a barrier and saves you commuting. We see each other, you see my Desktop notes as I type, and then you receive them at the end of each lesson. I will also forward to you any other documents we look at during the lesson.





Please contact me for rates.

Learn Hebrew,Hebrew Tutor
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